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Welcome to Android Arm Version 6. Here we will teach you how to play online casino like a professional.

Who We Are

Android Arm Version 6 is an online platform created by a group of techy professional gamblers that aims to give information in regards to online casino games.

This group also aims to help beginner and professional online gamblers to help in their journey in online casinos. In addition, some people love to play bingo, that is why, this website offers free bingo guides as well, enjoy this site and win more in your next visit at online casinos.

A Quick Introduction to Some Famous Casino Games


Poker is any of the different games where players bet on which hand is best according to the criteria of that particular game in ways like these rankings. Regularly using the standard deck, poker games alter the configuration of the deck, the number of cards played, the number dealt face up or face down, and the number exchanged by all players, but all have rules that require at least one betting round.


A slot machine, is a betting machine that makes a round of chance for its clients. Slot machines are likewise referred to disparagingly as slot machines due to the huge mechanical switches attached to the sides of early mechanical machines and the games’ capacity to purge players’ pockets and wallets as cheats would. In case that you want to try one at a legit and safe online casino siteĀ deposit and play today at Online Slots UK.


a betting game where a ball is dropped onto a rotating wheel with numbered compartments, the players wagering on the number at which the ball will stop.

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